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My (great) Aunt Edie was an African Violet enthusiast and had maaaaany of them. Every time I see one, I think of her.

I don't have the thumb she had; my third violet has a huge neck but I'm fearful I will kill it if I cut and re-pot it. My violets LOVE our gets blasted with sunlight due to being in east-facing window. Also, we run a warm humidifier in that room often. The baby spider plant I rescued from one of the mama plants is blooming, too, and making its own babies.

We got a min orchid when dd was born - it finished blooming but appears to be growing a new leaf.

I have a large variegated dracaena in the living room that is growing like a weed, too.

The phony "bamboo" plant is dying though. Cat mangled it and it's been dying slowly ever since. :'(
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