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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Beautiful! I thought I'd posted a reply earlier but apparently not.

African violets love tea and water that eggs have been boiled in. I had a whole bunch in bloom, at least a dozen, and they got tea and egg water. Once a week or so I'd set them in a shallow dish with water and tea bag and just let them soak it up. They're easy to start from a leaf too. You might try starting one or more from the long necked guy, they usually don't last long when they get long necked. I had fun with my AVs. The propagated ones don't always have the same blossoms as the mama plant and I got a big variety of blossoms. I had AVs started from the same leaf that had different blossoms. You can get several babies sometimes from one leaf stem in soil.

"Lucky bamboo" is a dracaena. Is that what you have? Orchids and I never got along, they just didn't like me.

I used to have more than 100 plants, not all different, but I guess I got tired of them. I have a couple that are straggling along.
Yeah the phony bamboo is a dracaena. The huge dracaena I have with pretty leaves is a different (sub?) Species. The long-necked violet keeps chugging along, weird eh? I need to give them all some new AV soil (bought some ages ago.)

My husband teases me that I'm obsessed with houseplants.
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