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CRIKEY! - this is a new wrinkle, to me ... and a welcome one, I hasten to add! :-)
I've actually passed the danger spot, and am quite certain that, this time, I didn't make a total ballsup and twist my two bottom sections. However, I'm only here at my PC because of having to walk away from getting to the end of a 'row' (read to the blue marker) and finding that there is NOT a spare stitch left to K.
It's bloody beyond me, it really is. I've been motoring along at the rate of knots - forgive mixed metaphor - without a hitch, and suddenly I seem to be a stitch short! I shall have to turn off "Nabucco" before it reaches the end, because I've gone through the stitches in this 'row' and found no mistakes ... so it's going to have to be a real detective effort. WHERE HAS MY STITCH GONE?
Don't try to answer that.
I shall be out getting large safety-pins from my local supermarket in the morning; because your hints about keeping the damned enormous garment straight (so to speak) are well worth adopting.
I thanks yer!
The moving finger writes
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