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Originally Posted by HeathersHobbies View Post
My grandmother was an expert knitter. I remember when she taught me. She made a sweater for my cabbage patch kid doll. She didn't even use a pattern. She also taught me to crochet at the same time. I wish I would have paid more attention to the knitting like I did the crocheting. I would have picked up on her expertise more. When she passed away all her knitting and crocheting tools were left to me. I miss her it would be great to tell her that I am finally learning to knit.
My aunt was an expert knitter, too! She would buy yarn from Ireland and make beautiful Irish fishermen's sweaters w/ leather buttons. My cousin's Winnie the Pooh bear even had its own Irish Fisherman's sweater! Sadly, my aunt passed away from breast cancer years ago, or I'd be getting advice from her, too.
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