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I'm a weather wuss
I gave in and bought a portable AC unit yesterday, the kind that doesn't go in the window but is vented at the window. I just got it set up in my BR and so far, with fans to push the cooled air around it's keeping the LR from heating up to an oven. When we get over 80F here and we're just about there now, my apt. turns into an oven. I could do w/o it today, just open the windows on the cooler side and use fans, but I wanted to test it out before we get into the 90s. If anyone has been thinking of getting one of these things, I'd say go for it! I might get a 2nd so I have one in the LR too. Even with the vent hose installed, if I don't need the AC I can still open the window and I didn't even have to remove the screen. Yes! The window units are made for double hung windows, y'know, and it's a real pain in ye olde arse to install one in a sliding window. I really will be glad not to have to mess with that again.

I succumbed because I get physically ill in hot weather. Yesterday it was about 84F and I was out and about and didn't realize, because I didn't really feel hot or sweaty because it was dry and breezy, that the heat was getting to me. I came home, ate some salt and drank a bunch of water and felt better very quickly. I must remember to keep my salt and fluid intakes up. If you get sick in the heat, do be careful, please.
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