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I tried for several YEARS to learn knitting. My girlfriend, who held herself out to me as "a knitter," kept insisting that I learn the Long-Tailed Cast On. I didn't know any better; I thought it was the only cast on. (The one day of my life I was able to spend alone with my grandmother who knew how to knit, she also had shown me this cast-on; I couldn't learn it that day, either.)

I remembered from Grandma how to do the knit and purl stitches. (She had cast on for me and then shown me how to do the stitches themselves, which I remembered forever. But who's going to cast on for you? And, of course, we never did get to cast off....)

So, when I was at a community-service group in April 2011 and saw one of the knitters doing something weird with yarn and a needle, I watched from behind for a moment. I said, "Are you...casting on?" "Sure," she said, "anything that gets loops on the needle works just fine."

It was probably like the lightning that struck Saul of Tarses. I had her show me what she was doing--Backwards Loop, it was--and by the time of the May meeting, had learned how to knit.

I will do anything in my power to avoid using the Long-Tailed Cast-On for a project. I've learned several others by now and find the LTCO a PITA (PITB?), so Backwards Loop, Knitted-On, German Twisted (= Old Norwegian), Cable, and a couple of others will have to do for now.

D*mned thing cost me decades of knitting time.
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