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Originally Posted by Marg1e View Post
Wow! - look what happened while I was asleep!
What a fascinating thread this is: I thank you all.
Back to the beginning: yes, I use the yarn wrapped around the fingers of my right hand, so it's definitely English. Hardly surprising: when I was growing up, everything Australian was English, basically. I don't recall the point at which we suddenly did a quantum leap and abandoned that with which we'd been raised, and became Yankophiles, copying everything you guys do.
Particularly interested in DogCatMom's abhorrence of long-tail CO. One of the reasons it took me so long to get going on my monstrous beautiful project is that I kept trying it, and kept NOT achieving a sensible length of wool to be woven in, eventually, as the end. "About a foot for every 20 stitches", the video says: b*llsh*t. (See how thoughtful I am of others' sensibilities?) I tried a foot and a half, a foot and a quarter, a foot and three-quarters, two feet ... made no diff.: I NEVER ended up with a leftover end of a practical length. Which is why I said a couple of nasty things about it and returned to my normal style of CO.
I doubt I wind the wool correctly around my fingers, for using anything with a metallic thread is impossible, as it twists beyond belief. But, as with the spastic way I crochet, I've decided I'm far too old to change, and it works, anyway.

That'll larn ya ta go ta sleep.

Congratulations! You knit the right way!

I have trouble with the length of tail left with the LTCO too, sometimes I decide to just go with a cable cast on.
~ GG

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