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If you can manage it, you should be comfortable in your own home. We used an attic fan for years which sucked cool night air through the windows at night and was wonderful, and kept the house cool for a good part of the day but didn't do much during the hot days. The bad part was that we all got addicted to the sound in order to sleep so we had to run it for the kids at least til they fell asleep well into September

When that broke we put in some window units and find that we only have to use them on the bleakest, most humid days. I don't mind the house being warm in the summer because, hey! its summer! When summer gets too full of itself we break down and turn on the ac. The rest of the time I put a small fan in the window blowing in the cooler night air and sleep better than when the ac is on. I think its because the AC cycles and changes sound while the fan is steady.
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