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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Good start. I love that yarn! I have the same stuff, I'm making some thick warm socks for someone who's not well. It's so soft and the colors are wonderful. Your GD should be tickled pink!

Please, you explained EPS but what's BSJ?

I just read the writing on the bag in your photo. it!
Thanks GG - I hope she likes it! Your socks will be delicious, and a much appreciated pick me up for your friend, who I hope gets to feeling better soon.

The more I knit with the felici sport, the more I love it too and hope they get get some new colors in. I also got some of the Dockside (red, blue, gray/white heather) for my grandson. I should have gotten another set of needle tips so I can cast on his sweater too.

Oh my - I'm starting to drop acronyms like my co-workers - I hate it when I get lazy like that. BSJ is EZ's baby surprise jacket, that knits into a weird looking origami piece that folds up into a sweater. I haven't taken a picture of #2 yet to post in Whatcha Knittin?...

Glad you like my work pillow, it reminds me to relax and laugh a bit when things go awry during the workday - I can't help but laugh when I read it.


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