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Well, I don't know where you went...I asked my particular question (Post #3 just above)
because I'm currently knitting a cardigan that I had to jigger the numbers of my cast on! To get the required gauge I had to a US5 but it created a terribly crowded stitch appearance. The pattern called for dk, my yarn is dk...but IMO it thinks it's worsted!

Anyway, a US7 gave a beautiful stitch appearance...but the gauge is off 5/8" over every 24 stitches.

I had to cast on for the 4th size to get the 7th size. Yup. That's casting on for a size get a size 46.

Anyway, it's been fun....

I'm almost done with the Back...and Plan B is working out so far!

As Jan said...first step is knitting a swatch. You can't redo your numbers unless you have the information that a 4" x 4" swatch provides.
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