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done like a dinner, without help ...
My huge knit-in-the-round pattern has finally got me.
I've reached the stage where I've done the lower part of the body: I now have 252 stitches, which I've separated off onto two different circular needles (don't have a big enough holder), and the directions refer to either half. This is where I come to a dead halt:
"Using spare pieces of yarn, provisionally CO 34 stitches to each end of the needle, at both left and right sides of your work. With RS facing you, move the 34 CO sts from the left side of the needle to the right side, knit the first 3 CO stitches so there are 3 more stitches at the end of the RS row, turn to beging Row 1, leaving the rest of the CO sts in place."
I have NO IDEA how to do this. I've cast on the 34 sts at each end of one of the circular needles, and that's as far as I can get. I can't work out how to do the rest.
Can anyone help, please?
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