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Video Skype? Nope. I think I could be now that I have an EVO Android phone that can go online even if I never get phone service with it. It has a camera! I use ravelry for looking at patterns, I did post a few times on one forum but that's it. It's too big, too intimidating, and too confusing for me. There's a forum I thought of participating in but the knitting and crochet questions are all together it seems and you don't know till you get there which it is. Silly can be fun in it's place but sometimes silly really means someone doesn't use the brain they were born with and that's hard to abide.

I've decided I'm only going to knit until there's nothing new for me to learn. The provisional cast on just happened to be one that I have learned already and the video I linked to is the only one I've used.
~ GG

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