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*John Wayne impression* Ah, schucks, little lady, t'weren't nuthin'. You're welcome. I'm glad it worked out that between us we maybe figured out what you need to know to soldier on. I've only learned one provisional cast on but the one Amy does with a cable looks like a good idea...if I could even get my head around it. One day I may. Provisional cast ons came up fairly often for a while just after I joined here and thus I was motivated to find out what they are and what they're for. I finally figured out: They're provisional cast ons because they provide a way to have live stitches to work from going both directions; for me they are a way to improvise too. Your pattern may call for Kitchener stitching (grafting) of those live stitches if indeed, as I suspect, they are for sleeves. If so, and you're unfamiliar with it, ask here and someone can give you a link or links. Sometimes we really don't need to bother our pretty little heads looking for things when someone else can tell us where to find it. (Amy has a Kitchener stitch video here I think.) Did I just say what I think I said? Oy! If some guy told me not bother my pretty little head I just might knock his pretty little head off! I'm grateful that I'm still young enough to learn some of these things.
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