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Anyone saying their way the right way for everyone, no matter what they're talking about, gets on my nerves. I really truly detest some of the youtube videos that make it look like English knitters are all but throwing their arms around. It reminds me of those gosh awful commercials where someone with a knife is supposedly trying to cut something and is being a danger to themselves and others. That doesn't sell me the product they're advertising and making English knitting look clownish doesn't make me want to knit Continental. Now that I can finally do knit stitches English style, I think I can better understand why some prefer it. If I'm knitting with yarn in one hand only, it's still Continental for me but that's my comfort zone and that's all it is. You and others here who knit English have taught me so much, how could I possibly consider my way better? When my GKs learned to do knit stitches, I taught them to do it English because that's what they wanted.
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