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I have a DD who lives in Texas and is also a 4 time Ironman racer. She trains in the Texas heat all year. When I complain about the "heat" here in Michigan she laughs at me.
We have central air as well as a whole house fan. I'd rather use the fan than the A/C but sometimes it doesn't cool off enough in the evenings later in the summer so all that happens is you move the warm, sticky air around so the A/C gets turned on instead.
I also was told by the furnace people to turn the furnace fan on run when it's warm outside and it will not only circulate the air in the house but pull the cooler air from the basement up into the house. That helps 3 ways, makes the house cooler, the basement a little warmer, and also helps the moisture level in the basement. Much cheaper then running either the house fan or the A/C.
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