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Salmonmac, I agree wholeheartedly!: the creating of the PCOs at either end and then swapping one lot is plain silly. Well, now that I actually understand what they are ...
But that wasn't the real problem: it was that I never seemed to be in the right position to be able to ... ahh ... get at the three last of the 'nearest' PCOs to knit 'em, so as to be able to turn around and start patterning again on the WS. And now I've put it out of my head until I have to start this tricky business again for the other half; for if I tried to keep it in my head for that occasion, I really would go bonkers. More bonkers.
I also agree wholeheartedly with the grumpy one: had this one been a free pattern, I reckon you lot would've solved it for me in five minutes.
But Jan, as to how the designer is helpful - dunno about that, mate. This is a pattern for a very experienced knitter, and in fact that description needs to be elucidated: this pattern is for someone who's Done It All, basically. I may've been knitting, on and off, for well over thirty years, but what I've knitted has never required comprehension of anything other than the basics. And I never realised!
Sighh ...
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