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I need help to understand this pattern instruction
Hi there folks,

I am relatively new to knitting and have started my first project that isn't a hat.

I'm knitting my daughter a cardigan - Sirdar Tiny Tots 1712. I have completed the front and back but I'm struggling to understand the instructions for the sleeves. I can't quite figure out how to keep continuity of the pattern for the shaping - I'm hoping someone can give me advice...

The pattern instruction is this:

1st Row: K1, *s2p, k3, rep from * to last 3sts, (s2p) 1times, k1
2nd row: p1, *(p1 winding yarn twice around needle) twice, p3, rep from *to last 3sts (p1 winding yarn twice around needle) twice, p1
3rd row: k1, *s2p dropping extra loops, k3, rep from * to last 3sts, (s2p dropping extra loops) 1 time, k1
4th row: k1, *yrft, s2p, k3, rep from * to last 3sts (yrft, s2p) 1time, k1
From 1st to 4th row sets pattern.
Keeping continuity of patt as set (throughout) inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 6th row, working inc sts in patt.

What I really need to know is how do I keep continuity of pattern if I am to slip stitches??

I'm very confused by this - have has to rip the sleeve down 4times!! Getting very frustrated!

I hope someone can help before I give up on it.
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