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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Anyone saying their way the right way for everyI really truly detest some of the youtube videos that make it look like English knitters are all but throwing their arms around.
It's just the reverse of the fad for English knitters running up, trying to grab projects out of Continental knitters' hands and offering to how them the RIGHT way. There is no RIGHT way. The current We All Must Knit Continental fad is just that, a fad (and I knit combined.) One of these days some trendy instructor will "discover" another style that becomes the We All Must.

If the result looks like a knit, purl or yarn over, it's all good. Nobody's allowed to run up, grab the finished garment and yell "You knitted this the wrong way!"

The only thing I wish would disappear is the wrist-twister English variant still practiced around here where everyone brags about how many carpal tunnel surgeries they've endured. That's the only method they teach in the mandatory home ec class. It hurts, it's hard and it's not necessary to pull the yarn so hard that it often breaks and the finished object will stand by itself...even when it's supposed to be a lace shawl. No wonder so few people continue to knit afterwards--they don't know there are better ways, English or continental.
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