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Thanks to salmonmac I found the chapter excerpt. Imagine my shock and surprise to discover that a well written, interesting book that actually contains real, coherent sentences is being published. I want to read the whole thing. I'd concluded that only those who can't write real sentences can get published anymore. and congrats! I always wanted to converse with a real, live author and now I can say I have! I suspected a real writer would be a very interesting person and I'm not disappointed.

As an aside, I came across a youtube video with a sort of rap about the Periodic Table of the Elements and was thinking I'd share it with my grands when I heard "randomly organized" in it. It was written by a teacher. Unless I'm sorely in error, randomly and organized are mutually exclusive. Some things just make me cringe; then the whole point of the thing falls by the wayside.

Thanks for pointing out the link in your sig. I hadn't noticed that it was a link.
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