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Good morning, young ladies!
I have just made a nice little loaf of bread, and it is cooling irritatingly slowly on a rack. I am hungry. Sighh ... Shoulda started making it Thursday rather than Friday (using tsp yeast, it sits for more than 12 hours before being cooked, you see).
Then I took my battery of pills: although I'm happy to report, somewhat boringly, that there's only one prescription and four Others; whereas I was throwing down a few more, while back.
So here I am, ready once more for the fray and the fun.
Most appreciative of nice comments, believe me! It's been so long since I delivered the ms to Fremantle Press - my first submission, apart from a memoir competition (wherein I was not even shortlisted) - that I've had plenty of time to become anxious about it. Released early August; and I'm meeting the Marketing Manager later this month to be told what'll be going down in that regard.
I now draw a line under all that, with apologies to those who are wondering what the devil I'm raving about.

Being as inexperienced as I am, knitting/crochet-wise, I've never come across any of the "my way or the highway"-style crafters of whom you guys write; and I'm certainly happy I haven't! I suspect I might been a wee bit rude, whaddya reckon ...?
Becky, what IS the wrist-twister variant you describe? - I mean, it sounds absolutely weird ...
The moving finger writes
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