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Originally Posted by Woodi View Post
So cute. Did you put some catnip inside with the stuffing? that does make them crazy though....

I looked up the book, and NEED to buy it now.

story: a gf phoned me yesterday, said she stopped at a farm to buy some eggs (saw a roadside sign). As soon as she stepped out of her car, a flock of chickens came flapping up to her, all wobbly and cute. She was delighted, laughed.

I saw in the teeny-tiny book that there's a pattern for mini chickens, and I'd like to make her a 'flock' of them as a gift.

Thanks for sharing!
Gus is so frisky, he doesn't really need catnip, but his "mom" has some if she wants to add it (an easy way is to put the toy and a little catnip in a ziplock bag and shake it up).

The book just has so many fun projects. Your friend is going to love the chickens.

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