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Help changing needles while working in round
I am knitting in the round a market bag made with sugar and cream. I came to the part of the pattern where I need to change to working with a larger size needle. I took the larger needle and knit with that as my main needle until all the stitches were on the larger needle. Here is my dilemma where I need help. Once all the stitches were on the new needle my working yarn was not on the correct side to continue working in the round. How do I go about fixing this or can I. I know that I could flip the bag so that it would look like I was knitting inside out but for some reason this does not seem correct to me. I would appreciate any advice that anyone would have. Also for future projects that I may make where this same thing comes up (changing to larger needles) is there a better way to switch needles than the way that I did it.

Thanks for the help!!

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