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Originally Posted by Marg1e View Post
So is Amy still around? - or has she, once having got all this underway, moved on to Something Else?
I don't see her name around, contemporaneously speaking ...
Amy is still around, as am I. We had a daughter 4 years ago, and a son 3 months ago, so time is a bit more scarce than it used to be. I work on full time, and then some. Between managing our server, coding, running the store, social media, editing videos, etc., I probably put in at least 60 hours a week. Amy has her days each week where she works on new things, such as planning and shooting videos, and doing research. We're a good team and we balance out each other well.

We both tend to be reserved and avoid the spotlight. So neither of us are very outgoing on the KH forum or any community website for that matter. We do love the community that has flourished at KH and recognize that it is unique. We're really grateful for everyone who participates and contributes to the discussion here.
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