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Originally Posted by MoniDew View Post
I honestly hate any cast-on where I can potentially stick a toe through, when the sock is finished.

I usually form a short-row toe, by doing a provisional cast on of half the required stitches (measure the ball of your foot - get gauge). Then short rowing my way up the toe, until I have about an 1 1/2 or so worth of stitches left, and then increasing my way back down. Then I'm left with the front side that I cast on, and a back side of an equal number of stitches. And all I have to do is release my provisional, pick up, and start knitting the foot. NO HOLESes in my toeses!
I've seen a video for this and wondered why do it that way. It's another thing I must try. I've not had problems with holes my toes go through from the cast on but I do sometimes get a bump that bothers my left little toe; maybe this would eliminate the bump that bothers me. The end stitches of the cast on don't always look like I want them to after I knit into them and maybe this would cure that too. Hmmmmm.
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