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Could there be an error in my pattern?
Hello again. I'm having trouble understanding how the instructions on my pattern could be correct and need someone a whole lot more experienced than myself to tell me.

I've had to pick up stitches from the neck down to the hem of the front of a cardigan in order to knit a rib shawl collar. Starting from the neck you rib a short row, wrap and turn then rib back to the neck on the even numbered rows. The last short row, wrap and turn is followed by the instruction to "rib across all sts." as opposed to "rib to end" which every other even numbered row has been. How, if you've just knitted a short row, can you knit across all the stitches?

Because I'm not sure about the actual number of rows to rib I am confused about where I will be finishing. Is there some kind of rule that says it's better to cast off and finish at the neck end or finish at the hem?

Thank you in advance,

P.S. If Marg1e reads this then yes, I've done some delightfully wicked things in my past.
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