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Originally Posted by abdels View Post
Hi Guys,

This my first post and I'm really not trying to spam but would appreciate your help.

My partner and I (who is a keen knitter) are researching ethical fashion for a London based web startup that we are in the process of building. This is our second startup with our most recent one being The Super Times, (thesupertimes dot com)

The idea came from our own difficulty with how time consuming it is for us to buy boutique ethical fashion online. So far, we've successfully interviewed some shoppers sharing our problem and a few ethical fashion brands to understand the ethical fashion market.

If you also share our problem it would be great if we can chat. It would be great if this can happen offline (20 mins max) as one to one conversations reveal more insight. As such this will have to happen over Skype or Google Chat.

We would love to understand your shopping experience online or offline including any challenges you face when trying to do it.

We're genuinely not selling anything, just looking for advice.

PS: please private message me your Skype or Google Chat username if you're interested.


Why can't we just respond here? I think handing out information to someone we don't know is ill advised. My spidey senses are tingling.
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