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Knitting pants for baby
Hello everyone, I am really hoping you can help me. It's been about 20 years since I have knitted anything but was quite good at following patterns back in the day. I am currently knitting a pair of pants for a baby (have completed the jacket) and am up to "shape the back" part of the pattern.

My question is my pattern says:

1st row- K25, turn
2nd and alt rows- knit to end
3rd row- K19, turn
5th row- K13, turn
7th row- K7, turn
8th row- as 2nd row
Work 10 rows in rib

Ok I get how to turn, that's not the problem but what I am confused about is

1) does the second (and alt rows) mean that once I have turned and am knitting back to the beginning, is the 2nd row? Ie I just knit back to the beginning, this being 2nd row? Or do I just knit back to the beginning then do a whole row with this being the 2nd row?

2) if i do just turn and the 2nd row is where i return to the beginning then what about the rest of the stitches on the other needle? There are a total of 47 stitches in all and if I am only knitting a maximum of 25 stitches then turning and knitting back to the beginning then the rest of the stitches are not being knitted at all so how do I do the 10 rows of rib and won't there be rows missing on the remaining stitches?

I am so confused and what I have written above might be confusing to those who are competent knitters, please ask for clarity if I have made this very unclear.

Many thanks in advance. Terri
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