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Help with turning work in specific pattern
Hey, I pretty much signed up to ask this question. I am knitting a stuffed toy, (a clanger). The pattern says to "turn" which I have done before, but I am unsure about how it is meant here.

The specific section of the pattern is as follows:

Shape back of head:
1st row: K1, inc, k to last 2 sts, turn.
2nd row: Sl1, p to last 2 sts, turn.
3rd row: Sl1, k to last 4 sts, turn.
4th row: Sl1, p to last 4 sts, turn.

When I turn before the end of the row, do I start knitting the previous stitches as outlined in the next row? Do I just knit or purl them accordingly and then go on to the next row? What in the pattern is this accomplishing?

I like to understand what the stitch I am doing is producing, and how that fits into the pattern as a whole. I would be most grateful for any help, or illumination on that point.

Thank you!
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