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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I would love your view in every season! Do you get a lot of requests for visitors?!

I've seen patterns for those bags. They are very cool! I've thought about knitting a bag to keep bags in...a bag for bags!

My kind of thinking. Unfortunately I do have bags of bags. I use the plastic shopping bags for my kitchen trash, corralling things I mean to give to someone, donating things to thrift stores, and storing plastic bags for future use. I'm a hopeless bag lady I think.

I've started balls of plarn and tried crocheting it but wasn't happy with the result. I've yet to try knitting with it. Woodi, your cool bag may just be what I need to get me to unbag some bags and put them to use. Thanks! Which method for cutting and attaching the strips together did you use?
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