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GG, you're Linux then? - impressive! How did that come about?

WARNING: The opinions stated below are mine and mine alone. I don't mean to come across as telling anyone else that their way of using/having a computer is not right. Just as there is no one right way to knit there is no one right way to use/have a computer. Yes, I am opinionated.

Thanks for asking. It's simple really. I want - am convinced that I need - a computer. Old computer dies. No $ to buy a new computer. This laptop, famous for BSOD with Windows, is on its way to ecycle. *light comes on* It can run Linux! DD and mom talk about it and with the purchase of a new power supply and SIL eventually getting around to loading the new OS I have a computer. In the process of doing my damnedest to crash it and never really succeeding I did end up reloading the OS several times, mostly because I could. My previous computer was a different flavor of Linux. Linux isn't just for geeks, it's for those who can't/won't spend the money to get Macs or to support Bill Gates of Hell's empire. So far viruses and other crap aren't a problem for me; with the user base of Linux expanding that could change at any moment. Nothing is virus-proof. My geeky SIL had helped me find an inexpensive machine that was originally loaded with a crapola Linux about 10 or 11 years ago, I got a better version of Linux on it, and I've been Linux ever since. That was the machine that this replaced. At this point, even if I could afford something else I would probably stick with Linux. It's now my comfort zone. The 11-yr. old computer couldn't have run Windows, without Linux I'd not have had a computer. I refuse to be held hostage to having to spend more and more money just to have something that works and is supported.

OK, you asked. I answered. I hope I'm not being terribly, horribly offensive but I do feel strongly about pricing people out of being able to have a usable computer.

Ouch! That hurt! I tripped and fell off my soapbox.
~ GG

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