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(1) GG's tale has me determined to talk to my delightful IT support bloke (when he comes to deliver my new printer) about Linux. I've had it in the back of my mind for yonks!
But I feel compelled to say this: Bill Gates "hell's empire"? If it weren't for him we'd be in a different place. And it's those wot followed him that turned things into the chaotic patch-this-then-patch-that mess, not him. I find Apple a far worse corporate stink, meself: having been into Sydney's main Apple store to try to get my iPod repaired, I realise that there is no such thing as 'repair' within that organisation. You hand it over, they hand back a replacement and charge you whatever your object's battery is worth! - talk about dreadful carbon footprint ...!
<Oh, there you are, GG!: looks like we're next to each other down here on the ground, having lost our footing(s) on our sopaboxes, eh?>

(2) The M1(r or l) has me puzzled: it makes holes, obviously. Is that why pbf or kfb are substituted? In my project, the herringbone pattern's being continuous means that the m1rs and m1ls at the markers are not neatly lined up underneath each other; and frankly I think they look a bit weird.
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