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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
There's a difference too between not doing a new technique because you don't like it and not doing it because it's intimidating or stressful. Short rows, provisional cast on, steeking, inside-out knitting all have their uses and are worth trying, at least on some practice swatches. If you don't like doing them or the look of them, there are ways around them or other patterns. That's the beauty of this craft.

Steek. cuttingSTitchesEEK! I've not done this but will try it. I have something I will make up one day and it requires steeking. Intimidating? Definitely. Will I try it? Yes. Will I succeed? I expect so. Will I ever do it again? Time will tell. Fortunately I have many teachers, here and all across the 'net.

Many things aren't worth bothering about until I understand why bother about them. Provisional cast on was like that, now I find many uses for it. Short rows were intimidating and frightening, then frustrating beyond belief. They were too too too ugly to use, another method had to be found, someone here suggested German short rows and that's worked for me so far and now I look at other methods and have to decide which one to try next. I'm stalling. I should be swatching and then cleaning my kitchen.
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