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Sirdar pattern 1712 driving me crazy!!! Help desperately needed
Hi folks,

I've had a few issues with this pattern (am a beginner and probably should have picked an easier pattern!) and the last request for help on here was regarding the sleeves which thankfully I was helped with by some very helpful people.

I am now looking for help with the collar - I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do....I know I'm to make an increase in number of sts from 67 to 93.

The pattern reads as follows:
K2, inc in next st, k1, inc in next st, (k2, inc in next st, k1, inc in next st) 12 times' k2

I am confused about the increases - is the st I make inc in also the k1 and k2 st or are these the next sts after??

I have spent more time ripping down knitting and reknitting on this pattern than I care to remember!! The collar is last hurdle before I can sew it up and forget about it!!

Please please help

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