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Originally Posted by maryknitwit View Post
Collie Cuddle arrived today! I love it and I can't wait to get started on it. I'm heading up to a church young single adult conference this weekend, so I might take Collie Cuddle with me. I plan to donate the blanket to a shelter in Little Rock, which isn't near me, but when I searched the internet for Arkansas shelters, that's the one that felt right. I take a picture of the finished blanket so it can go on the blog, right? I haven't visited the blog in a while.

Edited: I wonder... should I include a small card with a note saying something like "From the animal lovers of the Oddball Pet Snuggles Project"?
Up to you. I usually make up a card -- I include the website and the first names of everybody that worked on the blanket. If I know where they are all from, I'll put that on there too. We used to send a card around for everyone to sign, but that stopped before I took over and I don't know if it was for convenience or something else.

Looking forward to the picture for the blog! I forgot to take a picture when I had it; I like to see how they progress.
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