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Casting On
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please help me fix this pattern
I was suppose to cast on in multiples of four for my pattern but in my eagerness I cast on 50 stitches. I've already done the ribbing (and LOVE how it looks), so I am hoping someone can help me rewrite the pattern to factor in my two extra stitches.

The pattern was:
row 1-(k2 p2) to the end
row 2-(p1k2p1) to the end
row 3-(p2 k2) to the end
row 4-(k1p2k1) to the end

So... now I should do
row 1-(k2 p2) until last two stitches, k2
row 2-k1p1 (p1k2p1-repeat to the end)
row 3-(p2 k2) until last two stitches, p2
row 4-p1 k1 (k1p2k1- repeat to the end)

Does that seem correct? I feel like this should be the easiest thing to figure out but mapping patterns confuse me because I can't get used to the "read to the right, then read to the left, then read back to the right" method.

One last question. I received a stitching book with the cryptic instructions of: "work each st in the manner that it presents" for certain rows. So, if the previous stitch was a knit on the right side (and looks like a purl on the wrong side), the next stitch underneath on the wrong side should be a purl?

Thank you for any help!
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