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erhmm ... anyone a Blogspot blogger?
I had a WordPress blog; when I cancelled it, WordPress managed not to remove it from their 'reader', and I continued to receive comments in my email about it (happily, nice ones). When I asked them what the devil was going on, they airily said "Oh my! - we seem not to have managed to delete it from the reader: we'll do that now!", and they didn't. It went on for bloody weeks! - and although they promised to advise me re final cessation, etc., they didn't.
WordPress was set up by Aussies, I'm ashamed to say.
I know the Marketing Manager is going to urge me to start one up again, and it'd have to be a BlogSpot one, if I did.
Bottom line (you were wondering, I know): does any of you maintain a blog on Blogger/BlogSpot? - and, if so, may I pick your brains, please?

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