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Originally Posted by N0obKnitter View Post
I have pondered this often:

Is knitting like school? Do We have to learn things we don't like and be able to do them?

Or: is it purely a hobby and meant to be relaxing/enjoyable? Learn things you want to and not everything? Eg: I so far don't like provisional cast on - due to the short rows. I find short rows very intimidating/stressful. Am I a bad knitter if I never want to learn short rows?
GOOD GRIEF! What kind of Knitting Nazis are you hanging with, Girl? Whoever they are, you should lose 'em (FAST!) and get some better friends. And if it's your own little self that's thinkin' this, you should definitely change your thinking!

This is as bad as a friend who stresses out over meeting up with me. Why take something FUN and make it pure-dee hell? (Unless, of course, your sadistic; then have at it . . . but count me out!)
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