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Knit vertical slit in scarf without breaking yarn

Hi - I thought of adding a vertical slit to a scarf, so I thought I could knit both sides without breaking the yarn..

The scarf is 24 stitches across so I knit about 20 rows, then knit 12 stitches and did an end stitch,and knitted back a row..

..continuing on for about 15 rows like I was knitting a mini-scarf only 12 stiches wide.

Then, of course, after about 10 rows I realized there was no way to join the other side.

I looked online, but all the patterns I found involved breaking the yarn.. knitting the other side, and rejoining.

A horizontal knit pattern I found only involves binding off the middle 16 stitches, let's say - and then casting on in the row after.. very clean and simple.

I was just curious if there was any way to knit a vertical slit without having to break the yarn.. maybe some way of threading the length of yarn back down to the unknit rows using a crochet hook...

something elegant, without creating broken yarn and loose ends..

thanks-a-bunch everyone!!

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