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shop in Langley
Originally Posted by Maureen10 View Post
This post is for all knitters & fibre artists but especially for those in the Langley / Fraser Valley area of B.C. My inclination is to open a shop for knitting, crochet, lace making & needlepoint. I've sent this questionnaire out via many resources and would like to include all of you as well in an open forum.

Could you and the members of your knitting group please tell me;
1. Would you rather order from an on-line store or come to my house to touch the merchandise if the shop starts out as a home based business?
2. What kind of merchandise would you like to see? Natural fibers, wool, alpaca etc. or synthetic.
3. Would your group appreciate a discount on merchandise purchased?
4. Would your group like to see classes such as knitting, crochet, spinning or needlepoint instructions?
5. Which accessories are popular with you or your group, ie: point protectors, gauge rulers, needle cases, mag lights etc.
6. Do you think there is a need for a knitting shop in Langley?
7. If I can provide both local and imported products, (fibre, needles & supplies), would your group prefer local or imported goods, or does it matter
8. Do you or the members of your group have a favourite supplier, ie: Debbie Bliss for needles, Clover for accessories, Lyon Brand or Drops for wool, fibre, etc. Any and all suggestions gladly accepted.
9. Would you or the members of your group like to see or make use of a 'knitting library' or would you rather see books for purchase?
10. What kind of supplies would you or the members of your group like to see in a knitting shop?

Thank you everyone for your input.

Hi Maureen....I would like to see a knitting shop in Langley....I know of only one other which is the Dublin Shopping Mall near the Lgly/Sry border....I agree with all of the questions above, other than ordering online....there is a benefit from feeling and seeing the colour of the yarn, which I prefer....I don't include the members who sell from their stash as there are some wonderful deals and friends to be made from that & the product is usually a better deal.
I have ordered from Mary Maxim & Lion Brand, but then you have to factor in the cost of handling & shipping....
If you do get a group together I think that it is helpful to all concerned as you will gather newbies & experienced knitters/crocheters.....please let me know if you go ahead with your project as I would be very much interested.
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