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Mine didn't hurt, and I only had two-on the bottom (top ones never formed). However, they were coming in in such a way as to mess up my lovley teeth the folks paid large dollars to have straightened, so the decision was made to pull them.

It so happens that about a month before the scheduled tooth pulling, I got insecticide poisoning. I was working in a big drug store stacking bottles of malathion on a shelf, when it collapsed and all the bottles crashed to the floor, soaking my leather shoes and socks with the stuff. I was no gardener and only 18, so I was mopping it up with paper towels. Just as I noticed that it was making the glue from the floor tile bubble, the lady from the camera department came by and gasped in horror. "Go home and shower that stuff off immediately!," she shrieked. So I did, feeling slightly headache-y.

The next morning when I woke up, I could hardly lift my head off the pillow and weakly croaked out to my parents to come help me. I got taken to the ER for blood samples. The family doctor told us that malathion was related to nerve gas used in WWI and that if you got enough exposure it would paralyze your respiratory muscles and you stopped breathing. In my case, it interfered with the nerve transmission in my muscles just enough to make me feel like a weak little old lady. I had to have my blood monitored weekly for about a month, and even trying to lift a glass of milk to drink was a huge effort! I spent the month sunbathing in the garden, reading, and ordering my little brother to go get me things. Guess who doesn't use any insecticide in the garden to this day?

Anyhoo, when the time came to get my wisdom teeth out, my worry wart mom called the surgeon and told him about the malathion incident. "Jeez, I'm glad you told me," was his response. "If I had put her under with sodium pentothal, she might have stopped BREATHING!" Thanks, Mom!

The tooth-pulling was therefore postponed. When it did occur, it went off without a hitch, in fact, it didn't really hurt at ALL! I went out that night with friends and stupidly ate tortilla chips and salsa. No swelling, nothing. However, 2 weeks later I developed a "dry socket" (tooth hole didn't heal over) and that hurt like stink. Nothing a little vicodin and antibiotics couldn't cure.
That's my wisdom tooth tale, hopefully yours won't be quite as arduous.
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