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decreases & neck with woman's cardigan sweater/jacket
I am trying to finish a bottom-up cardigan and the "finishing" instructions are confusing me a bit. It's supposed to be a raglan yoke. The decrease is supposed to go like this:

"SK2P (sl 1, K2tog, psso), sl this st to LH needle and K2tog, P2 sl 1, K3tog, psso"

This decrease repeats 4 times (where front and back join to each sleeve). I understand the notation, but the results are looking a bit wonky.

I decided to try an alternative decrease (K2tog, k1, sl 2, ssk), but of course it also doesn't seem to be working out quite right.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking I should just rip everything out and go back to the pattern (trust the pattern, right?). But . . . I thought I'd ask here first.

Thanks a million!

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