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The pattern name is very generic: "Pattern 7 Woman's Jacket." I got it at a yarn store, but it's just a photocopy and I don't know what magazine it's from. Here's what it says:

"Work sts from holder as foll: right front, right sleeve, back, left sleeve and left front and work raglan yoke as foll. On the 1st row work in rib and dec as foll: work" [and here there seems to be text missing] " /10) times as foll: Work 35 (38/41) sts" [here is the decrease, followed by] Cont to decrease sts in this way. When piece measures 16 (17/18) from beg, work neck shaping as foll." [Then the neck shaping info starts.]

That missing text might be part of my problem as well, I realize.

Thanks for any insight anyone might have.

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