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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I notice you don't say whether the teeth have erupted through the gums or not. Why is your dentist saying wait and see? If you're *teething* and have plenty of space in your mouth for the teeth, you might not need anything besides something to help with the discomfort you're experiencing. If the teeth have erupted through the gums you still have the right to know why your dentist says wait and see. An appt. is a good idea. If we don't trust or wish to follow the advice of health care professionals then we need to consider why we're seeing them at all. However, YOU have the problem and YOU should be able to decide when it's bad enough that something really needs to be done. I hope you feel better soon.
i think it was teething, it doesn't hurt as bad since more of it has came out but it's still sore
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