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Searching for an old pattern pamphlet..........
About 25 years ago I bought a booklet/pamphlet with 2 knitting and 2 crochet patterns for baby blankets in it. I probably threw it away when it got torn up. Now I want another one, but I can't even remember the name of the company that printed it!!

Does anyone know of any websites that I could use for my search to find it?? This is soooooooo frustrating!!

One of the crochet blankets was made of little granny squares that only had 1 round of color and the outer round was white. One of the knit patterns was a lacy pattern in all yellow. The other knit pattern was like a feather/fan pattern in green/yellow/white.

I'm not sure even what words to search with!! Any hints/tips will REALLY be appreciated/needed!!!!!

Thanks so much!
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