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Extra Stitch in Cellular Blanket - should I restart?
Hi all,

Hope some of you can advise?

I'm knitting the cellular blanket from the Erika Knight Nursery knits. I seem to have picked up an extra stitch somewhere, 170 instead of 169. I've never knitted anything lacy/holey before and not sure if I can get anyway with just decreasing somewhere or whether this will create a big inconsistency in the blanket and how it looks??

I fear that frogging will leave me in a muddle and I will end up ripping out right back to the border - I'm not confident I know the pattern well enough to rip out and pick my stitches back up again and resume where I left off...

Also there are that many stitches that it's hard to look at the piece and try and see where the extra stitch is.
Any ideas on how I could solve this with the least pain and keep my work looking nice?

Thanks so much!

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