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Originally Posted by IslandTime View Post
That rolled brim one is exactly what I want. I'd looked on ravelry last winter and seen about a million hats, but didn't see this one. I always use circs but I've only used them flat - so this looks like the right time to venture into knitting in the round.

It calls for 16 inch circs though, and all mine measure 19 inches for the cord alone, so a total of 29 inches. Are they too big?

I got this size (at Micheal's) because I like the length of the metal part better - on the 16 inch ones the needles are so darn small I thought they'd be kind of hard to hold - especially for doll clothes where there aren't many stitches, so you don't end up with much fabric in your hands either.
When knitting in the round, you want your circulars to be a smaller size than the diameter of your project, so the 29" won't work. I believe the pattern calls for a set of double pointed needles also. You might consider the Magic Loop, eliminating the need for dpns. The circulars would need to be a minimum length of 32", a longer length could be desirable depending on what you envision for future projects.
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