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In reading your email, I was prompted to look for a magazine that I have been searching for years now to find - it is forty years old. I mistakenly thought that the crocheted shawl was featured on the front cover. At the time I had first seen it my mother's friend told me it was impractical and so I did not purchase a copy of the magazine for myself. I found it! It was on etsy and the vendor had a number of the projects from this issue pictured.

I knew that this magazine was from the 1970's so I included that in my search, as well as a description of the project; also I thought that it could have been a needlework magazine and included this, and used the words "pictures" "images" in the search bar.

I encourage you to keep looking, as ArtLady suggests, ebay is an excellent place to find what you are looking for, there are numerous copies of my magazine there, now that I know what I am looking for.

I would try 1990's knit crochet patterns baby blankets pictures images as a start, and maybe a description of the projects.

Good luck!
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