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I replaced the ad serving code from the forum and put in a request for a "review" with google. So they should scan the site at some point in the future and remove the KH forum from the StopMalware blacklist. Hopefully that will happen soon and the warning prompts delivered by browsers which leverage StopMalware will cease.

I got the warning. I emailed the Webmaster who responded promptly and graciously to ease my nonexistent fears. Thanks Sheldon, we know you're looking out for these things and I really appreciate it.
Oh, that was you! I thought the email address looked familiar. I have to commend you on sending the screenshots. Usually when someone reports a problem, all they tell me is "Something not right". The more specifics I have the better I am able to get to the bottom of things.

If there really were a problem, would it only be dangerous for Windows users?
As far as I am aware, malware exploits tend to affect PC's and more specifically older versions of Internet Explorer. With newer browsers, you may receive a prompt to install some plugin or save some file, which of course would be trouble.

Sometimes a site can get listed as unsafe and it's not due to being infectious. Spammers will sometimes find ways to setup phishing sites hidden among the website. So in these cases, you would get the browser warning of an unsafe website, but there actually nothing dangerous on the pages.

I don't think Mac's are entirely immune. Their popularity has made them a bit more of a target than they used to be. However, they tend to be secure and more up-to-date than windows. Case in point: we still get about 500 windows visitors each month using Internet Explorer 6. This is a browser from 2001! It amazes me. The #1 browser visiting KH is Safari, the browser by apple, largely thanks to the iPad and iPhone toting knitters.

Anyhow, there's always something exciting going on at KH.
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