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It looks like we got a clean bill of health from Google. So there shouldn't be any more warnings. Thanks for your patience.

Originally Posted by flyboydc10 View Post
I got the same thing for my Mac but on Safari, I had to go through of a few things before being able to get on here but I have noticed there are a lot of spammers who have hit this site so do becareful
Yeah, the spammers are a tenacious bunch. Our forum uses vBulletin, which is a popular forum software. The one unfortunate thing about popular software, it that it often becomes a target for spammers.

But for the most part the spammers are harmless, at least as far as viruses go. There really isn't any way for them to post something on this site that would be harmful. They are annoying for sure. And yes, the mods do a great job of clearing their posts. We're grateful for their diligence!

I'm hoping to redo the forum of KH and make the forum less of a spam target. It was supposed to be my summer project, but at the moment I am laden with other KH code projects. I'm still hoping I can fit it in.
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