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I just read this in one of the antique books ... so much fun!

To knit a stocking, needles four,
Cast on three needles and no more;
Each needle stitches eight and twenty,
Then one for seam stitch will be plenty.

For twenty rounds your stitch must be
Two plain, tow purl alternately,
Except the seam stitch which you do
Once purl, once plain, the whole way through.

A finger plain you next must knit,
Ere you begin to narrow it;
But if you like the stocking long,
Two fingers' length will not be wrong.

And then the narrowings to make,
Two stitches you together take
Each side the seam; then eight rounds plain
Before you narrow it again,

Ten narrowings you'll surely find
Will shape the stocking to your mind;
Then twenty rounds knit plain must be,
And stitches sixty-five you'll see.

These just in half hyou must divide,
With thirty-two on either side;
But on one needle there must be
Seam stitch in middle, thirty-three

One half on needles two you place,
And leave alone a little space;
the other with the seam in middle,
To manage right is now my riddle.

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